How to get to Minsk

Minsk is a capital and largest city in Belarus so it is relatively easy to get there by plane (recommended), train, bus or car.

1. By plane

Travelling to Belarus by plane is the most preferable. All flights arrive at the National Airport Minsk (MSQ) 37 km north-east from the city. There are daily direct flights to/from Minsk Airport from/to major European cities and connected flights to the whole world. The national airlines Belavia operate regular flights to the following cities Amsterdam, Astana, Barcelona, Berlin, Warsaw, Vienna, Kiev, London, Moscow, Paris, Riga, Rome, St. Petersburg, Tbilisi, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv.

Other major airlines that fly into Minsk are: Aeroflot (Russia), Lufthansa (Germany), Аustrian Airlines, Lot (Poland), Air Baltic (Latvia), Etihad Airways (United Arab Emirates), Air China thus providing good connections to Minsk across their networks. Low-cost airlines do not serve Minsk.

The airport is served by bus no. 300э running every 30-50 minutes (less frequently late in the night) from/to Centralny bus terminal, next to the main railway station (Minsk Pasažyrski). The timetable is available on the airport and Minsktrans websites or check at the airport bus stop. At the Centralny bus terminal, tickets are sold at the ticket office. At the airport, they can be bought from the bus driver for cash or from a ticket machine inside the bus stop shelter and by the main exit from the airport building - paid by debit/credit cards. Price is BYN4.00 + luggage BYN0.40.

In about 30 minutes after leaving the airport by 300э, the bus stops at Uručča (Уручча | Уручье) metro station. Ticket to this stop costs about 2/3 of the Centralny bus terminal ticket. Many passengers leave here to continue by metro and other means of public transport.

If you take taxi from the airport you can use several options. The official airport transfer service National Airport Minsk has a good reputation with short number 7373. You can also use Uber that is probably the easiest and cheapest option – it will cost around €10 to get to the city. If you looking for higher level of service you can use private transfer services like Autotransfer or Minsk Airport Transfer that costs about €25-30 and transfers can be ordered in advance using online booking form.


You normally must get a visa prior to entry from the Belarusian embassy or consulate in your country. However, since January 9, 2017, foreign citizens of 80 countries (including most European countries, Australia, USA, Japan, etc.) can enter Belarus for up to 5 days without getting visa. The Decree applies to people, who enter Belarus and exit from the country only through the State border checkpoint of the Republic of Belarus “Minsk National Airport” (except for flights from/to the Russian Federation). Additional information can be found on the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. If you need a visa to enter Belarus (e.g. if you want to stay for longer period than 5 days), the Organizing Committee will prepare and send you an official invitation letter, satisfying all the requirements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

To enter Belarus visa-free, foreigners need:

1. to be a citizen of one of the specified countries;

2. to enter Belarus and to exit from Belarus through Minsk International Airport (not by train, bus or car);

3. to use international flights – not the flights from/to the Russian Federation (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, etc.);

4. to stay in Belarus for not more than 5 days including the days of arrival and departure ("5 days" = "4 night"; you need to present a valid ticket for the return flight);

5. to present valid documents (a valid ordinary passport or another substituting document for traveling abroad; financial means: at least 25 Euro (or equal amount in dollars or Belarusian rubles) for each day of stay; medical insurance with coverage for at least 10,000 Euros that covers the territory of Belarus).

Citizens of certain countries have the right of visa-free travel in Belarus without the limitations listed above.

2. By train

It is possible to get to Minsk by railway from 4 major directions: Vilnius, Warsaw, Moscow and Kiev. The optimal way is travelling through Vilnius as it takes less than 3 hours. More information about the timetables and prices is available on Belarussian railways official site

3. By bus

Several carriers operate in Belarus offering the connenctions with major European cities. They include Minsktrans (you can buy tickets online here(in Russian)), Ecolines, Lux Express and Intercars companies. All the buses arrive to the central bus station in Minsk central bus station. This way is the cheapest but the most time-consuming.

4. By car

To get to Belarus by car you need an international driving licence and insurance. Note that very few foreign travel insurance policies are accepted in Belarus. Insurance can be purchased at the border; charges start at 5 euros for 15 days.

Almost all major roads in Belarus are now toll roads and to collect road toll for the passage along motorways a digital system called BelToll is used. The length of toll roads is 1613.6 km. You can find a map here and more information about the toll roads on the Beltoll website.

Public transport in Minsk

Get around by using bus, tram, Metro (subway) or rent a car. All are cheap and reliable. The subway is noted for being clean and safe. All public transport in Minsk operates c. 05.30-00.30; taxis are 24/7 naturally.

The ticket for a single trip costs 0.60 BYN while bought from a driver - 0.65 BYN. In metro tokens are used. They can be bought at a window inside the station and the price of one ride is BYN 0.60. More information about the public transport can be found at the Minsktrans website