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The topics of the PPPT-9 Conference:

1. Fundamentals and modeling of plasma processes, plasma dynamics, transport, optical, and thermodynamic properties of plasmas

2. Electrical discharges and other plasma sources, elementary and near-electrode processes (arc, spark, barrier, surface, glow, and high-frequency discharges; microplasma discharges and plasma jets, plasma accelerators; electron and ion beam sources)

3. Non-equilibrium effects and atmospheric pressure plasma processes, plasma in and in contact with liquid

4. Non-ideal and dusty plasmas, fusion and astrophysical plasmas

5. Laser and plasma interaction with surfaces (laser ablation, modification of materials by laser and plasma treatment; reactions on a surface, sputtering and deposition)

6. Plasma spectroscopy and other diagnostic methods

7. Plasma applications (plasma synthesis and processing of nanomaterials, plasma deposition of functional coatings, plasma in medicine and biology, plasma in agriculture, plasmas for environmental applications and resource recovery, plasma light sources; plasma in micro- and nanoelectronics, in spectrochemical analysis, plasma chemistry, plasma metallurgy, etc.)