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VII International Conference on Plasma Physics and Plasma Technology (PPPT-7) will be held in Minsk, September 17 – 21, 2012. The preceding Conferences took place in Minsk in 1994, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2006 and 2009. Over 180 scientists from 12 countries have participated in the last PPPT-6.
It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the PPPT-7 and contribute original papers related to the topics covered by the conference. The Conference Organizing Committee will try to make your stay in Minsk useful and pleasant.

NASB   Conference organized by
The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus:
IPh of NASB   The State Scientific Institution
"B.I. Stepanov Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus"
Scientific Council of NAN of Belarus " Plasma Physics and Plasma Technologies"
BRFFI   Co-operating with and sponsored by
The Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research
RAS   Russian Academy of Sciences:
The Federal State Budget Institution of Science
"Joint Institute for High Temperatures RAS"
Scientific Council of RAS "Physics of Low Temperature Plasma"

International Supervisory Committee
Chairman: A.M. Rusetski (Belarus)

S.V. Ablameiko (Belarus), M.K. Bologa, (Moldova), S.A. Chizhik (Belarus), A.F. Ilyushchenko (Belarus), V.V. Kabanov (Belarus), N. S. Kazak (Belarus), S.Ya. Kilin (Belarus), A.B.Klepatski (Belarus), N.Konjevic (Serbia), F.N. Liubchenko (Russia), V.A. Orlovich (Belarus), O.G. Penyaz'kov (B elarus), J. Puric (Serbia), T.S. Ramazanov (Kazakhstan), F.G. Rutberg (Russia), Yu.V. Tsvetkov (Russia).

International Organizing Committee
Chairmen: V.S. Burakov (Belarus), V.E. Fortov (Russia)
Vice-chairmen: V.M. Astashynski (Belarus), O.F. Petrov (Russia)
Scientific secretary: I.I. Filatova (Belarus)
e-mail: pppt7@dragon.bas-net.by

I.Sh. Abdullin (Russia), S. Abrahamyan (Armenia), Yu.S. Akishev (Russia), J. Amouroux (France), V.M. Anishchik (Belarus), A.S. An'shakov (Russia), V.I. Arkhipenko (Belarus), M. Bartlova (Czechia), L. Boufendi (France), V.Ya. Chernyak (Ukraine), A.N. Chumakov (Belarus), A.P. Dostanko (Belarus), K.N. Dzhumagulova (Kazakhstan), I.E. Garkusha (Ukraine), V.K. Goncharov (Belarus), M. Hrabovsky (Czechia), H. Kersten (Germany), F.F. Komarov (Belarus), G. Kroesen (The Netherlands), M. Kuraica (Serbia), H. Kurniawan (Indonesia), Yu.A. Lebedev (Russia), A. Marotta (Brazil), V.E. Messerle (Kazakhstan), A. R. Mkrtchyan (Armenia), G. Morfill (Germany), A.L. Mosse (Belarus), Z. Lj. Petrovic (Serbia), J. Pichal (Czechia), L. Pitchford (France), S.N. Raikov (Belarus), A. Russo (France), L.V. Simonchik (Belarus), Z. Szymanski (Poland), N.V. Tarasenko (Belarus), V. Titov (Russia), V.V. Uglov (Belarus), V. Valincius (Lithuania), G. Van Oost (Belgium), V.A. Vlasov (Russi),V.A. Zhovtyanski (Ukraine).

Belarusian Organizing Committee
Chairman: V.V. Azharonok
Secretary: I.S. Nikonchuk

S.I. Ananin, M.V. Belkov, Ya.I. Bogdanovich, S.V. Bordusov, L.V. Butsen, P.V. Chekan, N.I. Chubrik, E.A. Ershov-Pavlov, S.V. Gonc harik, K.Yu. Kacalap, V.V. Kiris, E.A. Kostyukevich, L.E. Krato, E.A. Kruplevich, A.M. Kuzcki, A.A. Mishchuk, M.I. Nedel'ko, E.A. Nevar, V.Yu. Plavski, V.V . Podkopaev, S.G. Rusov, Y.A. Safronau, V.V. Shkurko, I.P. Smyaglikov, K.L. Stepanov, S.M. Zgirovski, M.S. Usachonak.

The scientific programme will include invited lectures, oral and poster presentations, and discussions on the following topics:

1. Electrical and optical discharges, near-electrode processes
(plasma accelerators; arc, spark, barrier, surface, and glow discharges; high-frequency and laser-induced plasma)

2. Transporting, optical, and thermodynamic properties of plasma; plasma dynamics in electromagnetic fields of various configurations, plasma diagnostics

3. Interaction of concentrated energy fluxes with a surface
(modification of surface properties of materials and coatings by electromagnetic radiation, cathode and ion beams; plasma treatment of materials; plasma deposition of coatings)

4. Plasma in nanotechnology
(synthesis of nanoscale structures and fullerenes; formation of surface structures)

5. Plasma applications
(in medicine and biology, in engineering industry, microelectronics, plasma chemistry, metallurgy, ecology, and in spectrochemical analysis)

6. Non-ideal and dusty plasma, clusters


The Conference scientific program will include plenary (40 min), invited (30 min) and sectional reports (20 min), poster presentations and discussions.

The Conference halls (located in buildings of both the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Institute of Physics, NAS of Belarus) will be equipped with overhead projectors and video-beamers for computer presentation. Poster session halls will be furnished with the 1.5x1.0 m2 poster panels.


Rooms at Minsk hotels will be reserved for the Conference participants. Tentatively, daily room charges depending on the comfort level will range from $30 to $200. More details on room charges will be offered in the Second Announcement.

Social Program  pdf

The conference participants and accompanying persons are expected to take part in various social events:

Monday, 17.09.12 (15:00 – 18:00) – sightseeing bus tour of Minsk.
Tuesday, 18.09.12 – (18:00 – 23:00) – Conference Welcome Party.
Wednesday, 19.09.12 – attending a ballet performance presented by the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of Belarus.
Friday, 21.09.12 – to choose from: 1) coach tour of Nesvizh (9:00 – 19:00, palace-garden ensemble, 120 km from Minsk);
                                                   2) visiting the National Library of Belarus (9:00 – 13:00).

How to get to the Institute of Physics of NAS of Belarus and to Presidium of NAS of Belarus

From the railway station by the underground train (Ploshchad Lenina St. to Akademia Nauk St.).

From Minsk 2 Airport by bus No. 300 to metro "Uruchye" (approximately 30 min) then (Uruchye St. to Akademia Nauk St.) (approximately 15 min); or by bus No. 300 to bus station "Moskovskiy" then by bus No. 100 to Dom Pechyati St.
More information for regular-route buses between Minsk and Minsk National Airport can be found on the following website.


Conference Fee
Regular Fee Fee for young scientists
Before September 1st, 2012 €250* €150*
During registration at the Conference €265* €165*
*or in U.S. Dollars according to currency exchange rates

The fee covers the participation in conference events, getting a participant bag, Conference Program, and the Conference Proceedings, coffee-breaks, lunches, welcome reception, excursions.
A procedure of payment will be specified in the 2nd Announcement.

Important Dates

Dear participants of the conference, please note that the deadline for final manuscript submission has been extended by two weeks till July 15th 2012.

Final manuscript submission July 15, 2012
Conference fee payment September 1, 2012
Registration September 17-18, 2012
Coference work September 18-20, 2012
Excursions September 17 and 21, 2012

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  Sex Male Female
  Affiliation *
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Choose one or more conference topics where You plan submit a paper


  First Announcement Second Announcement Rules for papers Program
PPPT7_FirstAnn Eng pdf    doc Eng pdf    doc Template doc Preliminary 31-08-2012 pdf
PPPT7_FirstAnn_rus Rus pdf    doc Rus pdf    doc

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Address of Organizing Committee

Dr. Irina Filatova
PPPT-7 Organizing Committee
Institute of Physics of NAS of Belarus
68 Nezavisimosti Ave.
220072 Minsk, BELARUS
Phone: (+375) (17) 284-23-46
Fax: (+375) (17) 284-08-79

E-mail: pppt7@dragon.bas-net.by